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Engagement Photo Lollipop Bridal Favors - Say Yes

The marriage engagement tradition varies from culture to culture.  Even so, there are some basic commonalities among many societies.  For example, the engagement ring is a standard among many traditions.  The wedding ring offering, is worn on the digitus annularis or ring finger, which many ancients describe as the magic finger.  Ancient Egyptian wisdom tells us that the ring finger is connected to the heart by a vein that the Romans called Vena Amoris, “The Vein Of Love”.  How can she not say yes when you are placing your sincerest intentions around her finger and around her heart?! Another engagement custom...

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Mother's Day Gifts - Framed Chocolate Whispers

 Out of all the sweet words, the sweetest come from a mother’s whisper.” ~Anonymous Never Forgotten Designs is at your service as your Mother's Day event planner, cordially inviting you to our Mother’s Day Chocolate Frame Painting Party Workshop.  'Tis the season to celebrate our mothers!  We are celebrating their sweetness with Never Forgotten Designs ultimate celebratory workshop.  Our themed workshop is sweetly designed for participants ages 10 and up.  Plan to spend time creating and bonding and most of all, loving each other...with chocolate!!!  Our Frame Painting Party workshop includes all the delicious edible items required to create...

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What's Up With All The Poppy Paint?

Just like you, I had been seeing Poppy Paint mentioned online. Many new products that pop up on social media, have their pros and cons, so I like to get my hands on it and really find out if this product is indeed special. Since Poppy Paint is still a small business, each batch is made to order. I waited patiently for my first order of Poppy Paint and when my shipment came in, I had already pre-sold nearly 70% of my order. I was truly hoping it would live up to the hype, as I still had not personally...

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