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It is your responsibility to educate yourself on edible photo images on frosting paper and wafer paper before ordering any of our products as they do require special care.

What Are Edible Dessert Images?

Edible Dessert Images are images printed on edible paper with edible inks. Never Forgotten Designs uses dedicated edible ink printers with FDA approved inks and FDA approved edible papers. Our paper options include a variety of frosting paper and wafer paper.

What is the Difference in Wafer Paper and Frosting Paper?

Frosting paper, also known as icing sheets, are created from frosting spread thin like paper. Depending on the manufacturer, some frosting paper has a slightly sweet taste, while others are tasteless. Frosting paper, when in contact with butter cream or other stable confectionery topping, will melt into the product. In general frosting paper is not translucent, and works well applyed directly onto fondant and gum paste.

Wafer paper is a thin, translucent, edible paper made from potato starch. In general, it taste similar to a communion wafer.  Using a paper punch you can create different shapes. Place on your confectionery treats using corn syrup or piping gel. Wafer Paper designs are NOT as vivid and sharp as prints on frosting paper, but more economical.

What Images Quality Do I Submit?

You should use the highest quality image available and be aware of the size of your file. Your original file resolution, if small, may look blurry/pixelated if you choose a smaller image but want it printed on a large cake sheet. It is not our responsibility, though we do try to screen images for quality during printing.

What Images Can I Use?

Never Forgotten Designs is not responsible for obtaining copyrights and/or permission to use images, logos, graphics or quotes for creation of your edible images. It is up to the client to obtain permission. Any items uploaded or emailed to us to use for edible image printed will be printed, based on your responsibility for the image and it's usage. We can not be held responsible in the event you did not get permission to use your image. You confirm that you will not breach any intellectual property rights, including copyright in so far as materials, software, information, content and anything whatsoever supplied to you from us. You specifically agree that we have no liability in respect of this clause and furthermore you will indemnify us for any loss.

What Can I do With Edible Dessert Images?

Edible Images can be used on anything you can imagine! Never Forgotten Designs has a lot of fun blogs dedicated to using edible images on pancakes, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, cakes and even our sugar bottles! Check out our Blog, Facebook Page, Instagram and You Tube Channel for ideas!

How Do You Store Edible Dessert Images?

Edible Images need to be kept sealed and away from light until it is time for them to be used. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and artificial lights can fade the colors or a have "greening effect" especially with the color ivory, yellows, creams, flesh colors and grey. Remember, all inks are made of sugar and therefor, light may warm up your edible images causing the same effect as putting in an oven. Take care to keep these in their sealed bags, inside their mailing envelope and at room temperature.

Will They Ship Safely?

Most of the time edible images ship perfectly with no issues! Packages are insured against breaking in transit via USPS Priority Mail and in ziplock bags individually to protect in shipping. During extreme weather, breakage / cracking during shipping may occur. Please bring to my attention within 24 hours of delivery so we can work together for a replacement. Images are not warranted past delivery and it is up to you to handle / store correctly. No refunds can be given on these custom printed items.

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Other Special Consideration:

Please note that due to the nature of edible imagery, colors may look different on edible paper than they did on your screen. Please note that all screens have a different brightness and are calibrated differently. In addition, reds are notorious to have a more orange/brown tone, but Never Forgotten Designs works hard to get as close as possible. If you have a need for specifics, please consider contacting us for a sample print of your item.