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Custom Candy- Unicorns Are Real

  Are unicorns real? Unicorns do not exist in any mythological pantheon as a creature of fantasy, unlike other creatures of mythology, the minotaur, the centaur, Pegasus, and Medusa. Unicorns are generally considered mythological; at Never Forgotten Designs, unicorns are a sugary sweet reality.  If you believe that unicorns are real, our lollipop candy confections will heighten your knowledge.  If you are an unbeliever, our specialty edible treats will definitely convince you in the most delightful way to change your mind.  So for all you event planners out there, planning unicorn themed parties, we have our Magical Unicorn Collection which includes the following...

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Mother’s Day Gifts- Merry Morning for Mom

We love all the deliciousness that comes from Mom’s kitchen.  It is her nature to show her love serving us healthy cuisine. She has taken many years to hone her cooking and baking techniques for us, planning hearty nutritious meals. She has taught us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  For Mom, this Mother’s Day, make breakfast, especially important. This Mother’s Day, May 14, Never Forgotten Designs offers our personalized edible images to use as pancake toppers, making Mom’s morning meal super special!  You can write a special love note or a simple love message for...

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Engagement Photo Lollipop Bridal Favors - Say Yes

The marriage engagement tradition varies from culture to culture.  Even so, there are some basic commonalities among many societies.  For example, the engagement ring is a standard among many traditions.  The wedding ring offering, is worn on the digitus annularis or ring finger, which many ancients describe as the magic finger.  Ancient Egyptian wisdom tells us that the ring finger is connected to the heart by a vein that the Romans called Vena Amoris, “The Vein Of Love”.  How can she not say yes when you are placing your sincerest intentions around her finger and around her heart?! Another engagement custom...

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