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Mother’s Day Gifts- Merry Morning for Mom

Mother's Day Cake Toppers

We love all the deliciousness that comes from Mom’s kitchen.  It is her nature to show her love serving us healthy cuisine. She has taken many years to hone her cooking and baking techniques for us, planning hearty nutritious meals. She has taught us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  For Mom, this Mother’s Day, make breakfast, especially important.

This Mother’s Day, May 14, Never Forgotten Designs offers our personalized edible images to use as pancake toppers, making Mom’s morning meal super special!  You can write a special love note or a simple love message for Mom and we will create a beautiful, completely edible Mother’s Day memory with our specialty sugars.  We invite you to upload your favorite photos of you, Mom, Dad, family, and friends with our online image designer, making your pancake topper an even more special way to begin the day.

For Mom's morning pancakes, we suggest this super simple buttermilk pancake recipe, which makes 8 delicious hot cakes for Mom and the whole family:

Basic Buttermilk Pancakes

There is also the tried and true Bisquik mix recipe.  These hot cakes are always a sure fire hit! 

Bisquik Pancakes

If you want to do an extreme simplification, for Mother’s Day breakfast or Mother's Day brunch, Walmart has the De Wafelbakkers Buttermilk Mini Pancakes, which require a quick 8 seconds in the microwave! After you make your pancakes,  peel off the back label of our edible topper and place directly onto the pancakes.  Voila!  You have made Mom a breakfast she will always remember.   Don’t forget the warm syrup. We suggest Michele’s Maple Cream Syrup, a homemade secret recipe of creamy goodness. Mom will be pleasantly surprised and supremely pampered as she slices into her love spun hot cakes made by her loved ones. 

Make sweet merriment for Mom this Mother’s Day.

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