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What's Up With All The Poppy Paint?

Just like you, I had been seeing Poppy Paint mentioned online. Many new products that pop up on social media, have their pros and cons, so I like to get my hands on it and really find out if this product is indeed special.

Since Poppy Paint is still a small business, each batch is made to order. I waited patiently for my first order of Poppy Paint and when my shipment came in, I had already pre-sold nearly 70% of my order. I was truly hoping it would live up to the hype, as I still had not personally tried it, though everyone was raving about it. Since then, I will say, I can't keep this stuff in stock.

I have had customers tell me they have used it to hand paint soaps, color ganache, paint on chocolate and work more efficiently than ever as the drying time is so fast!

It's been a few weeks now since my first order came in and I can't stop swamping out my old ways of mixing color dust with alcohol when it comes to painting on isomalt, fondant and chocolate! It's just so much more convenient, time saving and ultimately I get a reliable, consistent color. Here are some pros, cons and tips when working with Poppy Paint for your own confectionery creations!


100% FDA Approved Ingredients: Have confidence that you are creating your edible creations within the rules and regulations of the FDA.

No Beading: Paint on hard candy and chocolate without it beading up with ease.

Uniform Color: The ability to have the same color each time.

Fast Drying: The ability to paint 1 coat, then minutes later, paint a second coat. Saves time on painting projects. Soon as dry, quickly can package.

22 Colors Available: Primaries, Black, White, Pastels and variety of colors including metallics make Poppy Paint convenient.

Cons (But not really):

Odor: Strong alcohol smell. Not so much a con as it is an observation to be aware of.

Dries Fast: Though a great thing, sometimes it dries so fast that if you put some in a painting palette, you will need to add more drops to revive your paint. See our tips on reviving Poppy Paint .

Settling: Poppy Paint will settle in their bottles. You may need to gently squeeze the settled product and shake vigorously. This will mix the paint back up so it's ready to use.

Multiple Coats: Poppy Paint is not a thick paint like a nail polish. This is great for allowing for you to build up your coat. But, if you are looking to make a shiny black finish on a piece, be prepared for 2-3 coats to get the job done. Again, this stuff dries fast, so that is not too much of a CON with Poppy Paint .


Have Edible Glaze Thinner on hand to clean up brushes, work surfaces and paint palettes, as this stuff when dry is like a thin candy shell that is not water soluble.

If you find your paint is drying in the paint palette, add a few drops of Edible Glaze Thinner to revive it.

Feel free to use vodka or lemon extract if you do not have Edible Glaze Thinner on hand.

Use a Plastic Paint Palette like this one. I have several on hand at my studio and even if you paints dry on them you can add more Poppy Paint, Edible Glaze Thinner or alcohol to revive them.

Here is a video of me hand painting on our isomalt sugar bottles:

 Here are some photos of  of me hand painting on our 100% Edible Chocolate Frames:Hand Painted Chocolate Frames by Never Forgotten Designs with Poppy Paint 
Photo of hand-painted Mermaid Tail Lollipops:
Hand Painting with Poppy Paint Mermaid Tail Lollipops for Mermaid Party Favors
Photo of our Carton of Rainbow Shimmer Egg Chocolate Gift Sets, see the Youtube video of adding the Poppy Paint directly to melted chocolate here:
Speckled Easter Egg With Poppy Paint Added to Color Melted Chocolate
Youtube Video or painting on wafer paper and our Black & White Striped Kate Spade Styled Edible Frosting Circles with Poppy Paints:

Here I show how I paint our Mermaid Tail Lollipops:


  • Lordora says...

    Is this only good for white chocolate? Can you paint a light color on dark or milk chocolate

    On May 26, 2019

  • Terri Street says...

    Can you mix and blend Poppy Paint to get specific colors? For example, could you add a drop of red or pink to gold metallic to get a rose gold?

    On September 07, 2018

  • Kelly L Presnall says...

    I was wondering how you were able to get the lollipop stick in the mermaid mold? I love them so much and the poppy paint is beautiful.
    Thank you, Kelly Presnall

    On February 10, 2018

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