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Learn At The Studio

The Studio by Never Forgotten Designs in St. Louis loves being a place where people can meet, learn and create! Below is a list of classes currently being offered. We plan to have our full course of offerings online by October 1st, so check back to see more!

Current Offerings:


5 Steps to the Perfect Cake

This introductory class creates the foundation of decorating that later classes will build upon. In offering this version of Course 1, we hope to appeal to consumers who are more time crunched yet still are interested in learning the Wilton Method of Cake

1 Offering September 28th at 6:30 PM


Edible Image Application Lesson


Build your confidence using edible images! In this private lesson with Pege Yates,

Classes on Edible Images for Cookies in St. Louis, MO

you will be educated on the basics of the edible papers including the various frosting paper types and wafer paper options on available, design options, and the limitations on edible arts. This 45 minute private lesson is held before or after our typical business hours so that you have direct one-on-one attention. Though fast paced, you will learn a lot of information and be ready to incorporate edible images with your small plates and desserts with a new found confidence. Hands-on application on a dummy cake, chocolate covered Oreos and sugar cookies will also be included. See availability here!