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Roxy & Rich offers a variety of FDA APPROVED colorants, luster dust and cocoa butter colors that NFD is excited to offer as part of a Pre-Sale Event!!! As a NEW distributor, we invite you to TRY Roxy & Rich by saving 20% off your first order! All orders placed before 2/28 when you spend $35 or more! Use Code "R&R20" All orders will ship out between March 12th and March 15th 2018! Please note, this discount is ONLY for pre-orders.

Also, two lucky people will get $25 worth of Roxy & Rich! One for IG & one on FB! To be eligible, you must like our IG & FB page, like the post and tag someone who would be interested to know that we are offering 20% OFF for our Pre-Order Sale! No purchase necessary. Winner Announced 3/1/18!!!!!! Good luck!

Fondust: Dry powder food coloring for buttercream, hard candy, fondant, cake mix, dough, royal icing, and more! Does not contain water, glycerine, or corn syrup. FDA APPROVED FORMULATION

Hybrid Sparkle Dust: Sparkle dust that has sparkle from food grade mica pearlescents.  All are free of iron oxide (E172). Hybrid Lustre Dust can be used dry or with water, alcohol or lemon extract. FDA APPROVED FORMULATION

Cocoa Butter Colors: Beautiful cocoa butter based colors, including the Gemstone Collection that has sparkle infused. Cocoa butter can be used in a chocolate mould, or airbrushed, painted or applied with fingers directly on moulded chocolate. Pre-Tempered. Works great with a "Heated Candy Melting Palette"! for painting! FDA APPROVED FORMULATION

Roxy & Rich Coloring, Luster Dust & Cocoa Butters Preorder Event