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Peanut Butterfly Sandwiches

Today I felt like doing something different for my two youngest children for lunch and came up with an easy way to add to their happy childhood memory banks. Peanut butter sandwiches will never be the same in the Yates' household, as I grabbed a few of my edible butterflies and placed them inside and outside to jazz it up. These mini butterflies are printed with edible inks, on edible wafer paper which is composed of potato starch. Very similar to a communion wafer, wafer paper is nearly tasteless, dissolving when wet. Normally I place these on cakepops, brownies, cakes and cupcakes to dress them up.

The kids had so much fun eating "Peanut Butter and Butterfly Sandwiches" for lunch, it had me thinking of the endless other foods that could be adorned with edible butterflies in the future. Forget sugary cereals, I think most kids just want fun and these will do the trick! Placed on yogurt with some edible glitter for a special "fairy treat". Not sure how it will go over on brussel sprouts yet, that will be for another day of kid testing!

I am currently planning my two year old's third birthday, so I am sure I will have more cool photos up in the next few weeks. After all, an enchanted evening tea party isn't the same without butterflies!

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Edible Wafer Paper Butterflies on a Peanut Butter Sandwich!

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