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I swear, I'm a size 4!

Posted by Margaret Yates on

Custom Sized Edible ImagesEdible image sizing can be as tricky as buying a pair of jeans. The size of your edible image needs may be much larger than you were expecting. Buy something too small and more than likely it will just sit in a drawer. I hate to see bakers and party planners waste money on images that just were not a good fit so I decided to create a sizing chart to help out. Edible images are very thinly smoothed paper that is made out of frosting in most cases. They can have custom designs printed for a fun way to personalize treats using FDA approved inks. As a general rule, I tell people 1.75" for Oreos Toppers and 2" for Cupcake Toppers. You can't go wrong with those sizes, as those two delicious treats are standard in size. But, things are not so easy when it comes to custom cookies, cake pops, donuts and all the custom creations you have crafted in your head.

I have made up some sizing guides to help determine the sizes that will work for your round and rectangular edible image needs. Just download the files, print on a regular printer and then cut out so you can have in your hand a easy way to measure the exact size of edible image you need. Once you feel confident with your choice, place an order with Never Forgotten Designs for custom, pre-cut edible images!

Click Here to Download the Sizing Guide Here for Rectangles!

Click Here to Download the Sizing Guide for Circles!

Ready to buy? Click here to go to our online store!

Below are 2" Edible Image Toppers on Standard Cupcakes:

2" Edible Image Toppers on Standard Cupcakes

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